Comsec offers a unique mix of physical and online security and corporate investigation services to help individuals and businesses protect their people, assets and reputations.

From reviewing your corporate security measures and detecting cyber fraud to tracing missing company property, our experienced team is here to help.

Our Corporate Investigation Services in London

Comsec specialises in confidential investigations, intelligence gathering and all aspects of corporate and personal security.

Watchdog powered by Comsec
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Our proprietary Online Surveillance Tool

Designed from the ground up by corporate investigators and our in-house development team, Watchdog is Comsec’s class leading proprietary web monitoring tool, automating online asset protection. Interrogating commerce platforms, social media and search engines, Watchdog collates, analyses and refines data to identify threats to your brand or business.

Commercial Security and Risk Management

Stay in touch with the latest news in risk management.

From personal premises security to intellectual property and brand protection, stay informed and let the Comsec team help you manage your risk.

Security Surveys

Tailored to your business, Comsec security surveys accurately assess the external and internal threats to your organisation.

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Penetration Testing

Experience shows that to have confidence in their effectiveness, security arrangements and defences need to be strenuously tested in realistic scenarios.

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Technical Counter-Measure (Bug) Sweeps

Your business information is a valuable and vulnerable asset and electronic surveillance devices can do as much harm to your business as any more conventional criminal attack.

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Close Protection (CP)

Comsec’s CP service is available 24/7 and at short notice to provide discreet and effective close protection for both individuals and high value assets in the UK and overseas.

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What our clients say about us

The partnership with Comsec has proved invaluable in understanding the scale of possible staff discount abuse within our company and provided us with credible intelligence and actionable data to mitigate this risk.

Director Profit Protection (Global) adidas Group

I have worked with Comsec for a number of years in an area of our business which relies on trust, discretion and the delivery of results.

Operations Manager, Hoyer UK Ltd

Comsec has provided our team with a powerful suite of automated monitoring tools, which has virtually eradicated our infringement problems from some auction sites.

Group Security Director, Leading UK Broadcaster

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Our team are recognised as world-class personal and corporate investigators and have successfully handled some of the most complex cases to emerge over the last few decades; they have recovered millions of pounds and have been commended for their skills, dedication and integrity.

Please contact us using the form to the right or call us on +44 (0) 207 5537960 if you require any advice on implementing fraud prevention measures, identifying and controlling risk, or if you have suffered from any kind of business crime.

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